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Kassgas van

Kassgas van

Back to full strength

15 March 2020

Exciting times here at Kassgas. Chris our business manager is back from his travels and already drowning in new and exciting ways to improve the business. Jack our apprentice is now fully qualified and eagerly awaiting his first gas safe card and Matt the director is eager to give his feet a rest now that the business is back to full strength after a busy start to the winter. 

Chris' priority will be day to day business management freeing Matt and Jack up for all manual work from boiler installations, gas cooker installations, radiator installations and the usual boiler servicing and landlord certificates.

We are improving on our customer service with a few new ideas including; 

Zero waste - Our promise to leave your property with absolutely no rubbish 

Google maps tracking - On the day of our visit be it either for a quotation, boiler service / repair or landlord certificate we will provide you with live google maps tracking so you know exactly when we will arrive.

Whatsapp video walkthroughs - For boiler installations we now record our talk through at your property so should you forget how to use your new boiler or thermostat you can quickly and easily remind yourself with a video starring your very own appliance.

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Does low cost mean low quality?

July 17th, 2019

Lets say you get the standard three quotations for a new boiler installation and they vary wildly in price. Quote one comes in at £1000, quote two comes in at £1300 and quote three comes in at £1700 all for the same boiler and same installation, would you go with the cheapest option?

Whilst those on a tight budget will probably go with the cheapest option, those lucky enough to have more cash to hand have more choice if they wish but why would they? The phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ springs to mind here, but that isn’t always the case especially with trades. The reason being that many new boiler installation companies in Rotherham and the surrounding areas are being founded by highly trained individuals that haven’t had their own business long. Thus they simply can't charge the same as well established boiler installation companies and gas engineers as they simply don’t have the existing customers or huge history of customer reviews. If a small newly established company priced their work at the same or similar to a company with hundreds of reviews and years of internet history they simply wouldn’t win that job.

So how do you know whether you're receiving a low-cost low-quality combi boiler installation or a low-cost high-quality combi boiler installation? If it was me id do a little research if the low-cost company has at least a few good reviews and their engineers when quoting are competent and provide everything in writing you're good to go! For those cheap companies that have very little online presence and not a review in sight well……. You get what you pay for.

Kassgas wedding

Are those wedding bells I hear?

July 10th, 2019

A huge congratulations are in order for Matt and Sarah on their marriage! As you can see from the photo they had a wonderful time in blackpool…… okay okay, of course, that’s not Blackpool, has it ever been sunny in Blackpool?

The big day in June 2019 happened in the beautiful Dominican Republic surrounded by their family and close friends. From what I hear everything went without a hitch, all of the correct names were spoken and the alcohol flowed freely but Its back to business now though as whilst you’ve been sunning it up in paradise the phone hasn’t stopped ringing. We have 4 boiler installations in Rotherham lined up, 2 boiler services and one boiler repair in Sheffield to get to asap! Matt will be with you soon guys, hopefully in his lovely new Kassgas workwear provided by Giraffe graphics and not his honeymoon budgie smugglers!

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Our first blog - Whats happening in Kassgas world?

July 8th, 2019

Hey there, I'm Chris and together with Matt the Director and Jack the apprentice we make up Kassgas. Firstly thank you for stopping by and giving my first business blog a read. I'm definitely no writing whizz but everyone's got to start somewhere right?

So whats happening in our little world? Well, loads actually! Having now finally got this website to a good enough standard to publish we are starting to look deeper into how to show up on popular searches for the services that we offer. Something that I've found to be both complicated and time-consuming but I'm getting there. One thing I will say is that SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimisation takes time, no matter what changes you make to your website sometimes it can take many months or even years before you see major results.

Matt is currently covering most of our hands-on work at the moment whilst I'm away in New Zealand and doing a fantastic job of it. Our phone continues to ring more and more often as the weeks go by with many boiler services, gas cooker installations and a fair few boiler installations keeping him and Jack busy.

We have training days booked in with Ideal boilers, Worcester Bosch and Vaillant over the summer to ensure our knowledge of the biggest boiler manufacturers is industry-leading. During these training days which I myself have attended at least once a year for the last 5 years, we are taught about any installation regulations that may have changed as well as updated on any new technologies that each manufacturer is releasing.

Jack our apprentice and Matts brother is currently hard at work revising (I hope) for his gas exam which he is hoping to take in Autumn. He attends all boiler installations and as many smaller jobs he can as well as working full time and revising for his exams.

Sarah covers some of our behind the scenes work including contacting customers, arranging quotations and telling Matt when and where he needs to be next and she manages to do all this around her full time job. Sarah's main job as a nurse takes up most of her week but she still finds time to help us with the techy bits, give me a set of tools and I'm happy, a keyboard not so much!

Finally, I'm working away for Kassgas in New Zealand at the minute covering business development and also assisting with customer queries, emails and many office tasks whilst travelling this beautiful country.

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