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Boiler Servicing

During a boiler service, our engineer will complete a full manufacturer standard safety and performance check on your boiler. During this check, we will note any current or possible faults with the boiler and advise on the correct response to this. We will clean your magnetic filter if you have one fitted and also ensure your system and thermostat is correctly set up to give optimal efficiency.

Boiler Repair

During a boiler repair, our priority is to first assess the overall quality of the appliance and then narrow down the part or parts that are causing the fault. We will then advise you on the best course of action to take be it to complete a repair or replace the boiler if the cost of repair is not economical.


A power flush is designed to clear any blockages or debris that has built up in a central heating system. A common sign that this has happened is either radiators that do not get hot at all (a sign of a full pipe blockage) or radiators that are cold at the bottom which is a sign that dirt is building up in the radiator itself. Our engineer will assess the system and advise on the best course of action to take, sometimes its as simple as balancing a system and other times a full day system flush is needed. We also have a vibraclean kit to vibrate your radiators and remove any stubborn dirt thats stuck to the sides. Prices for a vibraclean start from £300 inc vat and a full power flush and vibraclean start from £500 inc vat.

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