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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a magnetic system filter?

Firstly lets just address what a magnetic system filter actually does. A magnetic filter is typically installed on the return pipe of the central heating and is designed to pick up any magnetic debris in the system. In doing this its stops the magnetic debris from entering the heat exchanger of the boiler which would eventually cause damage. Magnetic filters are definitely not a solution to all dirty systems as there is plenty of debris that is not magnetic which can also cause damage. However a magnetic filter added to a system that has been properly flushed and cleaned (something we do on all of our boiler installations) is worth its weight in gold! If you can, definitely get one of these added to your central heating system or new boiler installation.

What does a boiler warranty actually cover?

All new central heating boilers now come with a manufacturers warranty and the length of these can vary wildly. From as little as one year up to a mammoth 15 years the manufacturer of your boiler will cover all parts and labor required during the full length of the warranty. Please note you must have your boiler serviced annually to keep your warranty valid, something we currently offer for a very reasonable price, check our boiler servicing page for more info. Also note that manufacturers do have terms and conditions in place for their warranties, take a look at their websites for more info.

Do i need a boiler service?

If you have a boiler that is under manufacturer warranty yes you will have to get your boiler serviced annually. This is required by the manufacturer to keep your warranty valid. Should you miss a service you can contact the manufacturer to reinstate your warranty (charges will apply).

If your boiler is out of warranty it is definitely recommended that you have your boiler serviced every year. Primarily to ensure that your boiler is safe but also to check that it is running efficiently.

Which boiler should i choose?

A new boiler is a huge cost for most of us and making the right decision can ensure you don't pay again anytime soon! From our point of view its pretty simple, go for the boiler with the longest warranty you can possibly afford, therefore ensuring that any breakdowns in the future will be covered for as long as possible. Honestly don't get too caught up on the brand of boiler, if its got a long warranty it must have been tested pretty thoroughly to allow the manufacturer to offer it.